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Culture is critical

Culture is critical

What is a culture statement? A culture statement is defined as a blend of values and beliefs that all companies develop over time. Culture statements at their core describe the ways a company's owner and employees think, act and feel.

Do you know your company’s culture statements? Do you really know how the owner and top management think, act and feel about the company? If you did, would you still want to work for them, or go the extra mile for them?

Here are LiFE's culture statements:


Banking is more than simple transactions, fees and borrowing money. At LiFE FCU, we understand that finding fulfillment in your choice for a financial institution can be challenging. That is why we focus on making your experience more than merely a banking relationship. We choose to be part of your LiFE. We are here to educate you along your JOURNEY and EQUIP you with the tools and resources to be counter cultural in today’s status quo financial industry while providing you with an experience that will truly IMPACT your LiFE.


We embrace all situations in LiFE. We understand that regardless of the past, there is always an opportunity to change your future. We want to know your story, what your needs are, and speak to all areas of your LiFE.

Fulfillment Drive

Living in fulfillment is different in every phase of your LiFE. That is why we customize your experience for each moment and every transition you will make along your journey.


Ultimately, life change merely modifies the situation. We pursue LiFE Transformation in each of our member’s lives. Sometimes transformation is difficult, but in the right hands, a valuable tool is created. No matter if it is through a workshop, one-on-one consultation, our products and services, or our impact in and through the community, our goal is to partner with you and see TRANSFORMATION IN YOUR LiFE!

After reading these statements, is this a company you would work for? 

I encourage each of you to look into the company you work for and make sure it lines up with your personal values and beliefs. You may find yourself falling in love with your company or you may find that it's time for a change. 

Passion Over Process

Passion Over Process